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Why 2019 is going to be best one ever if you are fantasy lover?

fantasy 2019

It is being speculated that 2019 is going to be best ever for every fantasy/fiction lover.

What is there in 2019 that has created so much fuzz that people are in the mode to time travel to the witness the treat as soon as possible.

Let’s see the things that will give every fantasy movie lover a goose bumps in 2019.

1. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

fantasy 2019
Marvel Cinematic Universe has many hidden gems and although by this time you would be having idea about all the infinity stones but there is something which is better and bigger yet to come.

Captain marvel is going to be the first MCU delight that people will witness in 2019.

After the mass destruction by Thanos to Avenger and to the Universe, It was clear that Thanos is not cup of tea for Avenger. If you remember the post credit scene, Nick Fury was shown as sending message on his year old pager.

He knew it’s the time.

It was also obvious after DC brought Female superhero movie on the floor, Marvel is going to counter that soon. Success of Wonder Women boosted that fact and it was only matter of time.

MCU were looking for the perfect timeline to introduce theirs. What could be better than this when Avengers and Universe need a savior and MCU gives you Captain Marvel?

After release of two trailer of Captain Marvel and not even single of Avenger 4, MCU wants their fan to know the hidden gems well in advance. Termed as Superman of MCU, Captain Marvel is said to be the most powerful superhero that has been introduced in the MCU till.

1990s story plot, Air force pilot, Blue blood, super human strength and cosmic powers …this is going to
hell a lot of action in there.

Watch Trailer here


2. Game of Thrones season 8 (April 2019)

fantasy 2019

The Great war is here.

Anyone who have been till season 7, in GOT can only feel the significance of each breadth that is only
meant to keeping you alive till release of season 8.

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Real world Locations where game of thrones shooting done.

Who is the rightful heir to the throne?

Bastard is no more bastard.

What will be fate of lady Lannister?

Will Night King be true king?

Who’s going to win? Red fire Dragon or Blue Fire Dragon?

Will audience find out what Podrick showed to whores?

Every alliance.

Every battle.

Every betrayal.

Every risk.

Every fight.

Every sacrifice.

Every death.

All #ForTheThrone.

There is only one war that matters, The Great War and Its here !!

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3. Avenger Infinity War part 2 (May 2019)

fantasy 2019

This 22nd movie of MCU will be culmination of events that’s been part of consequences of every other MCU movie on the floor. After the Thanos snap, it is still matter of debate among fans that who else survived and who didn’t.

Still untitled, this movie has become one of the most demanded among comic fans. It is expected that this is going to mark end for most of the super heroes and MCU will be more universe and cosmic power centered than story revolving around earth only.

Getting an early release, Captain Marvel is going to play key part in this movie. The infinity stones, Cosmic power, time manipulations, sacrifice .. who knows what else is there to come.

Watch trailer of Avenger Infinity war end game here

4. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (June 2019)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is 4th one among X-Men prequel continuity.

The previously released “X-Men: Days of Future Past” erased the events of “X-Men: The Last Stand” from the timeline. Following events of “X-Men: Apocalypse”, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is expected to be centered around X-Men: Days of Future Past happening.

With Jean Grey playing role of vulnerable Jean and confident Phoenix in the movie. Considering the power that Jean Grey houses, it was a long term expectation to bring movie centered on her.

Jean Grey will fully assume the persona of the Dark Phoenix and it will interesting to watch her chemistry with much more matured Cyclops, this time.

It also certain that Wolverine won’t be part of the Dark Phoenix. In addition to all these, Its story plot also hinting towards big question that “Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men, but is he really a hero at all?”

You are always sorry Charles and there is always speech and No body cares.

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Watch Trailer here

5. Joker (October 2019)

fantasy 2019

I know, you would be remembering the entire hero of DC and Marvel universe but if there is any villain who would be having imprint on your mind, that would be Jocker for sure.

Thanks to vision of Christopher Nolan and delivering epitome of acting performance by Heth Ledger, this character is ready to occupy more screen time.

This movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. Phoenix has received a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award and three Academy Award nominations. For portraying this role,Warner Bros who owns the right had earlier considered casting, Leonardo DiCaprio  Even before the official release of the posters and trailer this movie is huge hit and talk of the moment among netizens.

No one knows the past of Jocker except the story behind scars. A failed stand-up comedian disregarded by society who is driven insane and becomes a psychopathic anarchist mastermind. A lot more to come.

Joker is scheduled to be released on October 4, 2019.


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