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Still Single!! This dating app with AI and Nobel Prize winning algorithm can find your perfect partner

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You might have tried a number of dating app for finding your partner in this new digital world. Too much “right swap”, “all ok” and “always available” status but still things are not working out. Ahh!! It can be frustrating.

What is Hinge dating app?

Meet Hinge, so called the “Anti Tinder” dating app. Hinge believes the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. It is often called Anti Tinder because it always promoted itself as an app for the people looking for real connection. This dating app, Hinge is primarily designed for individuals seeking relationships instead of the casual dating and hookup culture which is prevalent in other dating apps.

People are now a day’s tired of swapping endless faces with lack of human touch. It just not going to work. There is always day after a night stand. After its relaunch in 2016, Hinge has established itself as a relationships app rather just another dating app or discover app.

Now Hinge has released Most Compatible feature that uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Nobel Prize winning the Gale Shapley algorithm also called as SMP algorithm to send daily recommendations for people who thinks would be just as interested in you as you are with them.

After starting hinge in 2012 when its founder Justin McLeod was looking for redesigning its app in 2016, then in an attempt to understand the people’s behavior and interest Hinge surveyed its users, to understand what the people would want out of a new dating app. It asked its user to categorize app. Hinge users had to categorize the app on a scale from 1 (hook-up oriented) to 10 (long-term relationship oriented). User gave 7 rating to Hinge.

So, Hinge had positioned itself as a place for people looking for real relationships, but most of the people were looking for dating app experience more serious than relationship. Justin realized you can be in either zone only, being a dating and discovery app or establish Hinge as per line with or eHarmony. Justin abandoned Tinder like swiping and used the slogan “the relationship app”. After that Hinge has been completely redesigned itself to prioritize people and connections.

What is Gale Shapley algorithm?

In 1962, mathematician and economist duo David Gale and Lloyd Shapley proved that, for any equal number of men and women, it is always possible to solve the SMP(stable marriage problem) and make all marriages stable. They presented an algorithm to do so according to which –

Given n men and n women, where each person has ranked all members of the opposite sex in order of preference, matched the men and women together such that there are no two people of opposite sex who would both rather have each other than their current partners. When there are no such pairs of people, the set of marriages is deemed stable.

This algorithm guarantees that everyone gets married and the marriages are stable. It may sound unbelievable that how can a mathematical algorithm accurately match two people to their best of compatibility but with AI and analyzing personal traits of individual over the time, this been incorporated in Hinge and people are actually liking this.

Hinge The Relationship App
Hinge The Relationship App

How Hinge uses Gale Shapley algorithm in dating app?

Hinge focuses more on feature that allow you to interact with people you’ve matched, instead of suggesting you piles of profile. As per review, its home page shows your matches and people who have liked your profile, to remind you of the people you’ve been getting to know. When you’re looking for new matches, you’re presented with profile pages populated with up to nine pictures, mutual friends, basic facts, as well as the candidate’s answers to up to six preset questions. You’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the current profile to see the next person.

You will rank your potential partner by level of preference and similarly every other sex individual will do so. Based on mutual preference and your liking traits the algorithm will suggest you most compatible profile. Now after that you may accept or reject, algorithm will cycle through proposals and rejections until each individual is with the partner they prefer most (who isn’t already engaged)

“[With Most Compatible] we’re pairing you with someone,” said Hinge CEO Justin McLeod. “So the person that you’re seeing is also seeing you, and this is the best pairing that we think that we can find [in our user base].”

The original stable marriage problem focuses on two sets of binary, heterosexual couples, and neglects relationships that don’t fit those standards. For these couples, Hinge uses a variation of the problem called the “stable roommate problem,” which groups individuals into a common pool and does away with gender divisions.

Hinge pre-launch test

In early market tests of its “most compatible” feature, Hinge found that users were 8x more likely to go on dates (as signaled by an exchange of personal phone numbers) with matches found through Most Compatible than any other Hinge recommendations.

“This is a way for us to, essentially, go on all your bad dates for you, so that we can help figure out who you’ll end up with in the end,” said McLeod.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dating app

Hinge isn’t the first dating app to employ AI to help people find love. Tantan, China’s version of Tinder uses AI to ensure the photos people post on their dating profiles aren’t excessively retouched.

In a an interview to BBC Tinder CEO had said regarding use of AI and machine learning in dating is that “Five years from now instead of scrolling, searching, swiping, I think these devices will be intelligent enough to just give you the answer.”

and we are seeing the change rapidly than ever. Another dating app Viola.AI is also utilizing AI to power their unique platform. Viola.AI’s engine offers discreet relationship advice and highly personalized matching. It aims to Restoring trust and transparency in the dating world. Viola uses block chain and natural language empathy and personalized machine learning engine to improve user experience further.

Another Indian dating app, Betterhalf.AI uses predictive analysis to help professionals find a match through compatibility scores based on relationship dimensions and their interactions on the product.

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