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Stop doing whatever you are and search thanos in Google, Now

Google surprises Marvel fans with the depiction of infinity gauntlet on web result page. With the snap of finger as Thanos had destroyed half the universe in the same way, your search result for thanos will get destroyed to half.

Netizens are naming it as “Snap Engine Optimization” in contrary to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) what google uses to show web page as a results of Google search.

No, Its not spoiler. Go ahead !!

Feel the Power of Thanos.

Here is the step by step guide to feel the Thanos Effect 

  1. Search Thanos in Google search

Thanos search


2. In the right side you will be seeing The Infinity gauntlet icon with all the stones in it. Click there.

Thanos google search

3. Once you click on that You will see series of events over your search result web page.

Your Google results will disappear with an accompanying sound effect as the pages scrolls up and down automatically, reliving the cliffhanger ending as that was in Avengers Infinity War.

Thanos google search

The disappearing effect 

thanos google search

Once Thanos is done, your search result will be reduced to half 

Thanos google search

Counted as one of the most amazing release of the year 2019, Avenger Endgame is anticipating highest ever box office collection.




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