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Salman khan and cases against him



Salman khan has been convicted in Blackbuck poaching case. He has been sentenced 5-year jail by Jodhpur court Chief Judicial Magistrate Dev Kumar Khatri under section 51 of wild life act.

“The accused is a popular actor whose deeds are followed by people. Despite this, the accused hunted two Blackbucks,” Khatri said in his written judgment.

So even if same crime would have been committed by any ordinary citizen probably things would have got sorted out earlier. Might be not this much court drama and dedication would have been shown by bishnoi community.  Salman Khan’s lawyer said “Salman is paying the price for his celebrity status. Five-year jail term is too harsh”. May be but yes, these if and but can’t diminish the fact that Salman did killed two lackbuck which is endangered species and this makes him guilty in front of law. Salman khan has a controversial past and he has been accused in other cases as well here is the details of all those.

It all started in 1998 with shooting of Rajshri production film “Hum saath saath hain”. On that night of 1-2 October, cast Saif ali khan, Sonali bendre, Tabbu, Neelam all were saath saath as well but yesterday when Salman went to jail no one was saath saath. Others were set free because of lack of evidence, witness could not identify them. As per case filed, Salman Khan was booked for killing an endangered species, the rest were charged with unlawful assembly.

Salman khan has been booked under following cases since 1998


Case Deatils Result
Arms Act Case 1998 In October 1998, police filed a case against Salman for allegedly possessing and using a 0.22 rifle and a 0.32 revolver to kill  Blackbucks. Case was filed against Salman  Khan for allegedly keeping and using the fire arms with an expired licence under sections 325 and 327 of the Arms Act. Prosecution could not prove case of possession and use of fire arms. It was lack of evidence. Salman khan was acquitted on Jan 18, 2017.
Chinkara and blackbuck poaching case 1998 (Accused of killing 3 Chinkara and 2 Blackbuck)
Chinkara poaching case 1998 at Bhawad  Salman khan along with Saif ali khan, Sonali bendre, Tabbu, Neelam were held accused of poaching two Chinkara on sept 25-27 1998 in village Bhawad . Trail court convicted him in both cases and sentenced him 1 year and 5 year imprisonment on February 17, 2006 and April 10, 2006 respectively. Salman Khan challenged this in session court which dismissed appeal in mathania case and transferred case to high court in other case. Rajasthan HC acquitted him on July 2016. Rajasthan govt challenged this in SC on October 2016 and matter is still pending.
Chinkara poaching case 1998 at Mathania Salman khan along with Saif ali khan, Sonali bendre, Tabbu, Neelam were held accused of poaching one Chinkara on sept 28-29 1998 in village Mathania .
Blackbuck poaching case 1998 at kankani  Accused of poaching two Blackbuck on 1-2 October in kankani village. Convicted on 5th April , 2018. 5 year of imprisonment awarded.
Hit and Run case 2002 On sept 2002, Salman had allegedly rammed his Toyota Land Cruiser into American Express Bakery in bandra. One person  Noor Ullah Khan (38) died and 3 get injured. The actor has been booked for rash driving and causing death due to negligence under sections 304, 279 and 388 of IPC as reported by rediff  He was convicted in May 2015 but was acquitted in December 2015 by HC.


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