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What so special about Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor?

Qualcomm 675 processor

Snapdragon 675 processor is the latest in the line of Snapdragon 600 series processor which is meant for mid range phone that is recently launched  by Qualcomm Inc. Snapdragon 675 processor is having 6th generation Adreno GPU, a new revision of the Spectra image processor, but most importantly it uses a 4th generation Kryo

Still Single!! This dating app with AI and Nobel Prize winning algorithm can find your perfect partner

still single

You might have tried a number of dating app for finding your partner in this new digital world. Too much "right swap", "all ok" and "always available" status but still things are not working out. Ahh!! It can be frustrating. What is Hinge dating app? Meet Hinge, so called the “Anti Tinder”

15 amazing facts about Facebook that you should know

facebook like icon at sweden datacenter

The social networking giant, Facebook was launched in February 2004, initially out of founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room at Harvard University using a single server. is the third, most visited website over internet. The company’s servers are now housed in numerous gigantic data centers around the world. Here are some of

All about newest cooling technology of facebook data centers

Facebook , the social networking giant which has made Mark Zuckerberg among wealthiest man on earth, recently announced a newest indirect cooling technology that promises to make data center more energy and water efficient. With 2 .19 billion users base, Facebook is one of the most heavily-trafficked websites on the