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10 Interesting facts that you need to know about Gold Coast where commonwealth game 2018 happened

  With merely population of 650,000 located in Queensland, Gold Coast is the largest non-capital city of Australia. A jewel in commonwealth this magnificent city is famous for its golden sandy beaches. Here are the 10 must known facts about Gold Coast where commonwealth games happened. Biggest attraction in Gold Quest is surfers’ paradise

What should one do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s?

  I believe there are two aspect of life which matters most in 20s and in 99% case going forward in 30-lifetime journey of ourselves and even of children. These two things lies among top priorities. 1. Social life involving family, relation and friends 2. Financial life that involves your job, business, investment not only in term

Salman khan and cases against him


  Salman khan has been convicted in Blackbuck poaching case. He has been sentenced 5-year jail by Jodhpur court Chief Judicial Magistrate Dev Kumar Khatri under section 51 of wild life act. "The accused is a popular actor whose deeds are followed by people. Despite this, the accused hunted two Blackbucks," Khatri