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Network Marketing companies in India 2019

network marketing companies

Network marketing aka Direct selling got a big boost after Government of India issued regulatory guidelines in September 2016. This industry which according to latest WFDSA report is approaching $200bn on worldwide level, was never recognized as per its potential and its contribution towards economy. Considering bright future of network marketing

What so special about Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor?

Qualcomm 675 processor

Snapdragon 675 processor is the latest in the line of Snapdragon 600 series processor which is meant for mid range phone that is recently launched  by Qualcomm Inc. Snapdragon 675 processor is having 6th generation Adreno GPU, a new revision of the Spectra image processor, but most importantly it uses a 4th generation Kryo

Nazia Hassan, 15 yr old girl who set trend of pop music in Indian subcontinent

nazia hassan

Follow @deprecatedpost It was time of 1980s. Music industry was riding on melodious voice of sister duo Lata Mageshkar and Asha Bhosle. Every next song sang by them was becoming people’s favorite overnight. Then comes a 15 year old girl, Nazia who changed the taste of music of people in the

Still Single!! This dating app with AI and Nobel Prize winning algorithm can find your perfect partner

still single

You might have tried a number of dating app for finding your partner in this new digital world. Too much "right swap", "all ok" and "always available" status but still things are not working out. Ahh!! It can be frustrating. What is Hinge dating app? Meet Hinge, so called the “Anti Tinder”

15 Real World Amazing Locations, Where Game of Thrones was Filmed

Follow @deprecatedpost Remember what was the most exciting thing around this time in 2017? While it was summer days around globe but millions knew "Winter is coming". Season 7 of Game of Thrones proved to be most thrilling and full of unimaginable event. We witnessed dragons breathing fire, burning castle and armies,

FIFA World Cup 2018: Amazing benefit of FAN Id exclusively introduced by Russians for Football Fans

Dates are very close and momentum is on. Are you ready? Players are reaching for this Earth’s largest single sport event in Russia, FIFA World Cup 2018. A lot of new amazing things are introduced in this world cup. One of such thing is FAN Id. What exactly is this FAN