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15 Real World Amazing Locations, Where Game of Thrones was Filmed

Remember what was the most exciting thing around this time in 2017?

While it was summer days around globe but millions knew “Winter is coming”. Season 7 of Game of Thrones proved to be most thrilling and full of unimaginable event. We witnessed dragons breathing fire, burning castle and armies, politics defying blood, houses failing to turmoil , fear and the might of white walkers.

The real world shooting locations of Game of Thrones are mostly in countries like Croatia, Ireland, Spain, Iceland of European continent and some locations are in Morocco as well. While most of the scene of Beyond the wall and The North is filmed in Northern Ireland and Iceland, Shooting location of Kings Landing and Westeros are mostly in Croatia and Spain.

If you have gone through writing of George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire you will get an idea that it would be unfilmable but the diverse landscape of Westeros were brilliantly chosen for filming. We first of our name have brought you 15 best of the best, real world locations that is chosen for GOT shooting in various seasons. Hold yourself tight because we are about to travel across seven kingdom of Westeros realm right from snowy north to shores of Dorne. Following are the fifteen locations where shooting for Game of Thrones was done.


#1 Dubrovnik, (King’s landing)

This walled city is one of the best places in Croatia and was used as primary site for filming kings landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and the most populous city. Dubrovnik in Croatia is one of the important real world location where GOT was filmed.

Dubrovnik Game of thrones
Dubrovnik : King’s Landing

#2 Fort Lovrijenac, ( Battle of Blackwater)

Fort Lovrijenac, which is also famous as the St. Lawrence Fortress is  just outside the western wall of Dubrovnik. This was the location where Battle of Blackwater, when Stannis Baratheon attacks Kings landing for claim on Iron throne, was filmed in Game of Thrones.

Fort Lovrijenac Game of thrones
Fort Lovrijenac -Battle of blackwater

#3  Hotel Belvedere, (Battle Arena)

The hotel was destroyed in the during the Croatian War of Independence in an attack by the Serbian navy. A section of its was painted and cleaned for filming of season 4 famous battle, between The Mountain and Oberyn Martell when Oberyn Martell fight for Tyrion’s honor. Not only Oberyn looses fight but Mountain crushes his head with bare hand.

 Hotel Belvedere Game of thrones
Hotel Belvedere – Fight of honour

#4 Trsteno Arboretum, (The gardens of the Red Keep)

Spanning over around 70 acres, the Trsteno Arboretum is the oldest and biggest monument of garden architecture in Croatia.  located about 24 km (15 miles) from Dubrovnik, this garden was shown in GOT as meeting place of Tyrells family and Lannister’s family on various occasions.

Trsteno Arboretum Game of thrones
Trsteno Arboretum garden

#5 Braavos, (Land of Faceless Men)

Who can forget valar morghulis, a phrase associated with the cult of the Many-Faced God. Braavos, which was shown as the wealthiest among Free Cities in GOT and also where Iron bank is situated was filmed at historic city of Croatia, Šibenik. Making Croatia favorite among other countries when it comes to choosing real world location for filming Game of Thrones.

Braavos Game of thrones

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#6 Italica, (Dragonpit)

Remember this parley at Dragonpit from season7, where dead meets living. Well this location is a ruined Roman amphitheater in the ancient city Italica, of Spain. You can expect to see this place more often in season 8 as well as its a strategic one and HBO has done shooting this year in Spain as well.

Dragonpit Game of thrones

#7 Alcázar de Seville, (The Royal Dorne)

This oldest royal place of Europe is an UNESCO world heritage site and was used for filming royalty of the southernmost part of Westeros, the land of House Martell. Alcazar is one of the main real world location where GOT was filmed.

Dorne Game of Thrones
Dorne by balazs

#8 Daznak’s Pit, (Plaza de Toros de Osuna)

The Great Pit of Daznak, commonly known as Daznak’s Pit, is the biggest and most extravagant of the fighting pits of Meereen. This is the location from where Daenerys was saved by dragon when the Sons of the Harpy attacked her in Season 5. This place was filmed at Plaza de Toros of Osuna which is a town in the province of Seville.

Daznak's Pit Game of Thrones
Sons of the Harpy at Daznak’s Pit


#9 Yunkai, (Ksar of  Ait Ben Haddou)

Ksar is a group of earthen buildings surrounded by high walls. The houses are build together within a defensive walls, which are reinforced with the help of corner towers. A striking example of southern Moroccan architecture, the site of Ait-Ben-Haddou is the most famous Ksar in the Ounila Valley, Morocco. This site was used for filming Yunkai, the yellow city which is one of the Slaver Cities in central Essos.

Yunkai Game of Thrones
Yunkai – the yellow city by Darby Sawchuk


#10 Essaouira, (Astaphor)

Astapor, which is renowned for their training of the Unsullied was shoot at Essaouira, a city in western Morocco region.  If you remember the scene when Daenerys  got her first army of the unsullied, that scene was filmed right in the heart of Essaouria. Apart from this, this place was also used for filming the walk of punishment.

Astaphor Game of Thrones
Astaphor -Unsullied home by  Carlo Tancredi

Northern Ireland

#11 Castle Ward, (Winterfell)

Since the season one, Castle of Winterfell has been important segment of story. This castle of Winterfell was filmed at Castle ward which is located in Northern Ireland, near village Strangford. Castle ward is one of the main real world location where Game of Thrones was filmed.


Castle Ward Game of Thrones
Castle Ward of winterfell

#12 The Dark Hedges, (The road from kings landing)

This picturesque tunnel of tree is not a work of CGI but it is actually located in Northern Ireland which was used for shooting in season 2. This place was used in the escape scene of Arya Stark from King’s Landing when she was with Yoren, Gendry, Hot Pie and others who were to join the Night’s Watch, travelling north on the King’s Road.

dark hedges tree tunnel Game of Thrones
dark hedges tree tunnel

#13 Shillanavogy Valley, (The Dothraki Grassland)

Shillanavogy Valley aka land of the Dothraki, the fierce warriors. This green valley is situated around 45 minute ride to the north of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland which is also famous as birthplace of Titatic.

Dothraki grassland Game of Thrones
Dothraki grassland


#14 Vatnajökull, (Beyond the wall)

Welcome to the North, Land of White walker. Vatnajökull is the one of the largest glacier of the world which is situated in Iceland. This was chosen for filming location of “Beyond the wall”. Various locations of Iceland was chosen for filming of Wildings territory in GOT.

Beyond the wall Game of Thrones
Beyond the wall

#15 Grjótagjá, (Jon and Ygritte love scene)

If you don’t remember this scene “You know nothing Jon snow”. Grjótagjá, is a small cave located in North Iceland and is famous for its hot spring. This location was used for filming love scene between Jon and Ygritte.

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Grjótagjá Game of Thrones
Grjótagjá – Hot spring


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