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10 Interesting facts that you need to know about Gold Coast where commonwealth game 2018 happened


With merely population of 650,000 located in Queensland, Gold Coast is the largest non-capital city of Australia. A jewel in commonwealth this magnificent city is famous for its golden sandy beaches.

Here are the 10 must known facts about Gold Coast where commonwealth games happened.

  1. Biggest attraction in Gold Quest is surfers’ paradise which is known for its high rise apartment building and popular golden surf beach. Surfers paradise is entertainment and tourism center, a must visit center for tourist to experience amazing night life that city offers.

2. Gold Coast once was home of world’s tallest residential building named Q1. With architectural height of 1058ft and 78 floors this iconic building of Australia lost its title in 2011 to The Marina Torch located at Dubai. Currently it is still tallest building in Australia.


3. Punjabi is the second most spoken foreign language only after Japanese. Other than native Australian Indians  are third most populous in surfers’ paradise, after natives of New Zealand and England.


4. With contribution of billion dollars, tourism is the city biggest industry. Around 10 million tourists arrive here every year. City offers beaches stretched about 57 km, theme parks, sky diving, games, luxury etc for an amazing experience.


5. It is estimated that around $1.8bn were spent on the commonwealth games that include the mammoth infrastructure project of around $1bn of light rail network (known as G: link). This is expected to reduce 75,000 cars from the roads and will result in reducing green house emission by 1.14million tones a year. Game is expected to add value of $300million+ to economy.


6. Gold coast won bid for commonwealth games against Hambantota, a Srilankan city in 2011 finally. Before bidding confirmation, city had completed 80% of planning regarding venues of matches.


7. For the accommodation of 6600 athletes during 11 days of competition, with investment of around $550 million, 6 green star rated games village was constructed that is spread over area of 7 acre. 1, 36,000+ trees were planted in green spaces of village.


8. Ticketing policy was very transparent and accountable. There was no provision of free ticket. Not even for Government. All allocated tickets were put in public domain for transparency. Ticket prices were $20 for adults and $10 for children this also includes free public transport.


9. Around 15000 volunteers were deployed for smooth conducting of games. For this total 47000 application were received from 117 countries. Applicant’s age was ranging from 16 year to 91 year.  Every volunteer was interviewed first.


10. Gold coast is filming site for some of the major Hollywood big budget films like  San Andreas  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales , Kong: Skull Island , Thor: Ragnarok , Pacific Rim: UprisingAquaman.

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